16 April 2014

Vote now for CSM 9

Have you voted for the people you would like to participate on the 9th Council of Stellar Management (CSM)? If you haven't, why not? There is less than a week to register your preferred candidates so go do it now. I consider voting a personal thing so I won't tell you who to vote for. If you are totally stuck you could do worse than checking out Jester's recommendation list and basing your choices from there.

I frequently see a lot of shit-posting about how the CSM do nothing for us. This generally comes from people who have very short memories, or people who consider the CSM is doing nothing because their particular area of the game isn't the one CCP are actively focussing on Right Now™. To those people I would ask you to consider the few crazy ideas CCP mull in public which we see the CSM actively address then consider how many other ideas are put to death long before we would see them.

The very nature of the CSM operating under NDA makes it difficult to appreciate what does and doesn't happen there. I am confident that if CCP thought the CSM did nothing useful they would stop flying the CSM members to Iceland for meetings and the whole CSM concept would go away.

14 April 2014

Alternative Fanfest Meetup - 2014

Unfortunately I will not be going to Fanfest this year. Last year I was lucky enough to go on a stag-do and wedding in Boston, shortly followed by Fanfest. Both trips were without my wife or kids. Understandably I am dedicating most, if not all of my vacation days to doing stuff with my family this year. Also, after two very wintry locations last year I want somewhere with warm sunshine and a relaxing pool!

I don't want to entirely do away the essence of fanfest this year so have organised a gathering in Edinburgh on Saturday the 3rd of May from around 18:30. I'm aiming for at least twenty others who can't make it to Iceland to stage our own mini-fanfest party. CCP have even promised some swag for me to give away (which I'll believe when it drops through my door).
What's not to like behind that bar?


What: EVE Gathering
When: 18:30, May 3rd, 2014
Where: Lebowskis, Edinburgh, Scotland (website link)

If you do plan to come please reply to my EVE forum post which should convince other people who are not sure to also come. Hope to see you there.

13 April 2014

Drunk Roam

Friday night led to a happy coincidence. A decent number of EU pilots all appeared online at the same time, each with a clear case of being a little drunk. Our constellation was well scanned and nothing interesting was presenting itself anywhere. Nobody appeared online in any of the plethora of holes that had been scanned. Our static had very few sites to run but even if it had nobody particularly wanted to shoot red crosses. Someone, possibly me, asked how lowsec looked. The reply came that it was dead with not a soul in local. Just then another EU pilot logged in, one who knew how to hunt in lowsec. He was appraised of the situation, thought for a moment, and then said "right, it's a crap lowsec but let's go see what we can find".

With everyone in a mix of Brutix, Vexors and the obligatory Drake we were ready to go. Then one pilot arrived in a Mammoth. "Well, that answers the question as to who will be bait". As we made the two short jumps to lowsec our FC read out the rules: "Every time we jump a gate, take a drink. Every time you dock, take a drink Everytime you...". We quickly got the picture and everyone started adding rules. I added a rule of "everytime you add a rule you take a drink". By the time we stopped adding rules I think the only thing you didn't take a drink for was breathing.
Waiting for a fight

Our quiet lowsec was indeed quiet so we headed off in some direction to see what our Mammoth could fish up. It only took two or three jumps before Rhianna in the Mammoth announced ships on a gate. Two of them warped off leaving only a Vigilant there when the Mammoth shed its session change cloak. The Vigilant pilot couldn't pass up the chance of an easy kill on the industrial ship and was probably a little surprised when he was tackled by it. The rest of us quickly jumped through, gained extra tackle, webs, and started shooting. The Vigilant went down rather fast under gate guns, three battlecruisers and my Vexor. It would have died a little faster if I'd remembered about my drones.

Unfortunately the FC didn't get on the kill due to some problem with docking at a station resulting in the people outside the station killing him. Unsurprisingly, we also lost the Mammoth. The two pilots reshipped but the rest of the evening was fairly quiet. We tried to get some locals to engage us at various places in one system. Rather than come fight they undocked an Archon for a bit then put it away again. Really? Obviously they were too scared of losing their ships to come fight us. Well oiled and satisfied with our single kill we went home.

11 April 2014

Homage to a 'Moe'

Made by an alliance mate:

I was there at the taking of Moe. I couldn't be there to defend her (him?). No words....


9 April 2014

Featured Fansite Honour

I was wondering what the spike in my blog stats were about until someone pointed out that a link on the launcher was for this humble blog. I welcome all you arriving here from the launcher and I hope a lot of you stick around to read the old posts here and await the trickle of new adventures and random thoughts yet to come. If any of you are interested in trying out wormhole life I'm just about to start a new recruitment drive so get in early and drop me an evemail or convo me and we can see what we can do.

For Posterity
For any of you in Scotland I'm also arranging a 'Party a little down from the top of the world' in Edinburgh on the 3rd of May. This is for us unlucky people who are not able to make it to Fanfest this year. I'll post more here about that soon.

31 March 2014

Geo Fleets Up

The best part of writing about Geo on Saturday was I got it into my head that I should make an effort to get into a Brave Newbies Fleet. Around 21:00 a ping went out on jabber that a massive fight was going on in Sendaya. This was just the thing I needed so I logged into comms and jumped into EVE. Suddenly everything went slow as the time dilation dial read 11% TiDi. Oh my, over 1000 in local? Crikey! I jumped Geo into a cheap Atron and got into fleet.

From comms I could hear it was a tricky undock with snipers picking off people as they left station. Wanting to get in on the action quickly I thought "what the hell, it's only a million ISK" and hit undock. With the 11% TiDi effect it took forever to actually be spat out into space but once there I immediately warped to an insta undock bookmark. Warping takes forever in major TiDi and it gave me plenty of time to imagine fleets of snipers sitting waiting for me at the bookmark. Landing there none of my fears were founded and I realigned to the staging POS and warped off.

There was now a bit of waiting around while the FC got himself and everyone else organised. Everyone was told to be in Frigates or they'd be kicked from the fleet. This was to make sure we got the full 6 AU/s warp speed. Eventually we started out and I took a fleet warp to somewhere. It didn't matter where I was going, I just needed to be ready to start targeting, tackling and shooting flashy ships. I landed on grid and tackled the thing closest to me, someone else called point on comms so I switched to another ship which someone else also called. This grew old quickly so I concentrated on locking up primary, secondary and tertiary targets. The flood of broadcasts made this both easy and yet confusing. Easy because the names were in the fleet broadcast window, but confusing because sometimes I'd be trying to lock a new target and it wouldn't work. I quickly worked out that this was because the broadcasts were scrolling so fast I was clicking someone I already had locked. Okay, just need to pay more attention to that window then. More warping around the system, each time trying to lock the ships nearest to me. Quite often the target fleet would already be in warp as we landed so locking them was impossible. Our FC sounded a bit overwhelmed at times but did a decent job keeping it (and us) together as we bounced around trying to land on a fleet and pin them down before they fled us.

Eventually we regrouped at the POS. With the numbers we were facing the FC announced that people should ship up into cruisers if they had them.  I stuck with the Atron because I was still finding my feet and didn't want to waste any more ISK than I had to. There was a long flurry of messages and comms chatter on what ships people should take. Eventually everyone seemed to get themselves organised and we all formed up again on the FC.

Throughout the rest of the evening I maintained the same level of confusion as to where I was in space. Each time the FC warped us I kept the same routine of locking up what was nearest and shooting the primary. With the larger ships around now it was often hard to finish locking the enemy before it popped but I kept trying. All through the evening TiDi stayed in the 10% to 40% range. At one point someone uttered the classic line "local is down to 750" which raised a few laughs. The only time I've seen local like that is in Jita. Towards the end of the evening the RvB Ganked roam swung around to come fight us. I've been in a few RvB Ganked roams but never faced up against them. In my head I imagined I could hear Mangala Solaris calmly calling primaries and hoped my name didn't come up. To be fair, in an Atron it would be unlikely. After a short scuffle the Ganked roam fled the field leaving us victorious (or so I was told - I hadn't a clue what was going on).

With midnight coming up I needed to head off to bed but checking my personal killboard I was happy to see I had been blessed with 22 kills worth 2.5 billion ISK.  Somewhat amusingly, during the evening I dropped 0.3 in my sec status, which is more than I did during my failed attempt at being a pirate. This is definitely more what I had in mind for Geo, it's just a shame it took me so long to get to the right place with him.

29 March 2014

Geo Update

It has been several months since I last wrote about my pure PvP character, Geo. Back then I had just joined Rixx Javix' new corp Stay Frosty and was looking forward to being a part-time pirate. My biggest contribution to the corp was 150 Million ISK I donated to the corp wallet; nothing offered up by way of kills. Sadly I never really got into gear with Stay Frosty. Finding time to log on Geo, in addition to doing all the CEO stuff for my corp and the bits and pieces I need to do for the alliance just wasn't possible. I was logged on a couple of times with the guys and they all seemed a decent bunch. Sadly I never managed to fleet up with them and the times I was on there was nothing much going on but to solo hunt.

Solo play is something I'm not a massive fan of. When there is nobody else to hunt or run sites with is when I normally take care of buyback schemes and other dull administrivia in Z3R0. Scanning is also a valid preparatory solo activity too and benefits my whole corp. Solo hunting with Geo just didn't appeal massively to me, mainly because I don't have the knowledge of PvP to have a good idea of what I'm doing. This is entirely my failings and does not reflect on Stay Frosty. If you're looking for a good corp to join and have the time and motivation to do the solo hunting as well as occasionally fleet up I whole heartedly recommend Stay Frosty. One day I may go back when I have more time and/or more clue on what I'm doing in solo combat.

So where is Geo now? Well the above reasons for why I left Stay Frosty pointed me firmly in the direction of a much larger corp with a stream of fleet activities. I don't have a massive attraction to nullsec so looking there didn't even cross my mind. One large, noob-friendly group that has been attracting a lot of attention recently is Brave Newbies. From their initial creation they have made a meteoric rise in numbers to well over 6000 pilots today. Of course, the same demands on my time exist today as did during my time in Stay Frosty. Hopefully there will be more fleets for me to be anonymous in, do as I'm told, and whelp cheap ships hysterically.